Stories from the Shadowlands

Book Cover: Stories from the Shadowlands
Part of the Guards of the Shadowlands series:

Not ready to leave the Shadowlands yet? From Malachi’s earliest days in the dark city to some of the characters’ experiences after the final scenes of Chaos, this bonus volume gives readers an in-depth look at other realms within the Shadowlands and what it means to be a Guard, whether in the dark city, or the land of the living.
It includes:

–All of Malachi’s journal entries (more than 200) including 30 exclusive, never-before-published entries that reveal his perspective during the events of Fractured

–A 50-page novella from Jim’s perspective (Libertine)

–Three bonus scenes from Sanctum from Malachi and Ana’s perspective (She is the Mission, An End and a Beginning, and The Dark Tower)

–Two lengthy scenes that show some of the surviving characters post-Chaos

This collection is available in e-book format, only.




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