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A new psychological thriller from suspense powerhouse S.F. Kosa featuring a decades-old secret, a mysterious cult fire, and a woman looking to outrun the ashes of her past …until they come roaring back once more.

Dora is always aware of the line between fact and fiction. As a fact checker at an online magazine, her job depends on it. And as a woman outrunning her secrets, so does her life. But when a colleague decides to pursue a story about a murder in her hometown, one linked to a deadly fire at a cult compound twenty years prior, suddenly all of Dora’s carefully spun deceptions are at risk.

And if she can’t stop the story, her entire life is on the line.

As Dora works with her colleague, altering facts to hide her past along the way, she’s thrown back into a world she tried desperately to leave behind. One of ritual and belonging, of danger and darkness. A world where two girls promised to help each other through…until it all went up in flames.

As her lies pile up, so do the murders. Until Dora realizes she won’t be lucky enough to escape twice.


About the Book
Series n/a; standalone | Genre Adult Psychological Suspense
Publisher Sourcebooks | Publication Date August 10, 2021

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MESSAGE FROM SARAH:  My launch event is tonight Tuesday, August 10, 2021 at 7:00pm EST/6:00pm CST, hosted by the awesome Bookworm of Omaha bookstore. I’ll be in conversation with one of my favorite people in the whole world: Dr. Lydia Kang. She’s not only a dear friend—she’s also a hugely accomplished author of both nonfiction (Quackery: A Brief History of the Worst Ways to Cure Everything, and the upcoming Patient Zero: A Curious History of the World’s Worst Diseases –pretty timely, in my opinion!), but also best-selling historical medical thrillers like Opium and Absinthe and A Beautiful Poison (and also amazing, swoony YA like The November Girl and Toxic). 

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 Follow Your Curiosity Podcast

MESSAGE FROM SARAH:  I recently did an interview with Nancy Norbeck, a creativity coach whose podcast, Follow Your Curiosity, is all about keeping that creative impulse alive and well. We didn’t focus on my book or publishing journey as much as the creative process in general, and I loved our conversation. I talked a lot about the amateur psychology skills of my fellow authors and what I will and won’t accept in terms of edits and proposed changes to my stories. Check it out here if you’d like to take a listen!


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