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Bestselling author Sarah Fine gives hard-boiled noir a magical edge in this stand-alone four-issue comic book adventure—where crime collides with conjuring in the spellbinding world of her Reliquary series. Featuring an action-packed script by Alex De Campi (No Mercy, Grindhouse) and stunning art from Dennis Calero (X-Men Noir).

Issue #1

Freelance thief-for-hire Asa Ward’s latest job is heisting a powerful magic relic from a gangster’s lair. But what should be an easy payday quickly becomes larceny the hard way—when he’s dragged into a three-way crime war where mind-bending, body-racking magic is the most lethal weapon of all. And just when Asa thinks he’s scored, the ruthless kingpin he’s ripping off strikes back . . . threatening the only life Asa values more than his own.

Issue #1 will be available digitally via comiXology and Amazon.com on 6/15. The Issue #1 print edition will be available on 7/13 at your local comic book shop (Diamond Item Code: MAY161585) and on Amazon.com.


Issue #2

Backed into a corner by the crime boss Conti, Asa must do the gangster’s bidding or lose what he cherishes most. That means infiltrating a swank, secret auction and stealing the enchanted objet of honor from an even more dangerous underworld big shot. But with a brutal enforcer standing in his way, Asa will need the quickest wits, fastest fists, and meanest magic to even the odds, get the goods, and stay alive.